Testing Videos

ormat for playing; FLV, F4V, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP and WMV formats. Important Note: If FFMPEG is NOT installed then the supported formats for playing videos are FLV and MP4 formats and the splash image will not be created and the default image will be shown. You can always encode your video and create a …
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You can choose a specific area that Democracy Council works on, such as LGBTQ, Internet Freedom, or Rule of Law, and target your donation to the cause you care about. All donations are 100% tax deductible.


We host events regularly and always need a venue for large groups of people, catering, help with logistics, and expert speakers. In addition, your corporate sponsorship would allow us to be more flexible in our projects and have a bigger impact.


New global challenges in our field of work require creative solutions. We welcome out of the box ideas to tackle and solve some of the most difficult challenges in the fields of human rights, civil society, rule of law, and transparency.


There is never enough bandwidth to do the work that we do. Volunteers are a great resource and we welcome them with open arms. We specifically need volunteers who are fluent in Arabic and Persian, and are skilled in social media outreach, and multimedia production, or simply passionate about our causes and want to lend …
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Financial Support

After the fall of Raqqa to ISIS, the Raqqa City Local Council (RCLC) came under tremendous pressure and many of its leaders had their lives threatened. DC facilitated the move out of Raqqa to Turkey and provided six months of financial support to RCLC affiliated staff.

Emergency Program

Deir ez Zor Local Council was supported by DC’s emergency program after ISIS took control of the area. The man pictured is the former head of the Council who- after the 6 month period of support- found a job in Turkey as a teacher at an elementary school.

Organizational Development & Capacity Building

Rezan Zeitouneh, a DC local partner since 2007, and one of the most well known activists in Syria. Supported through emergency assistance, organizational development, capacity building, mentoring, from start of demonstrations to her capture by extremists. One of the most influential moderate, nonviolent actors in Syria. With DC help started LCCs, then follow on organizations. …
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