What We Do

Rule of Law

The Democracy Council’s Rule of Law (ROL) program works around the world to promote the rule of law. We implement effective ROL programmatic strategies tailored to specific circumstances. Our ROL programmatic strategy in a given context involves: 1) Identification of the relevant laws, institutions, people, history, and other key actors 2) Understanding the functional relationships …
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LGBT Global Rights Initiative

In 2014 the Democracy Council (DC) launched its new LGBT Global Rights Initiative. The initiative builds capacity and security for LGBT activists in some of the world’s most repressive environments. While LGBT equality is advancing here at home, we all know that persecution has increased in other countries: in Russia, where pride marchers are attacked …
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Independent Journalism

A broad, vigorous and independent media plays an indispensable role in creating and sustaining viable democratic societies around the world. Press freedom, an atmosphere in which the open exchange of ideas is valued, creates an informed citizenry that can hold leaders accountable. Whether traditional print and broadcast media or web-based, a free and independent media …
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Election Observation and Monitoring

Developing democracies do not always maintain the capacity to conduct free and fair elections. Questionable voter education, a marginalized citizenry, insufficient technical skills, allegations of fraud and insufficient oversight may taint polling results. International observation teams often play the role of independent monitors to bring unfair or coercive practices to light, as well as to …
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Cyber Security and Internet Freedom

The Democracy Council (DC) believes that a critical foundation of stable and peaceful societies is the right of people to freely access information without incrimination, censorship, or retribution. Such access to information and debate helps citizens hold their governments to be more accountable and transparent. Increased connectivity and online privacy also spurs creativity, productivity and …
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Civil Society Capacity Building

The Democracy Council (DC) works closely with civil society organizations (CSOs) pushing for human rights and democracy in some of the most repressive environments in the world. DC maintains a proven track record of working with both local and national government offices and civil society organizations to build local capacity. We offer hands-on training in …
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