Election Observation and Monitoring

Developing democracies do not always maintain the capacity to conduct free and fair elections. Questionable voter education, a marginalized citizenry, insufficient technical skills, allegations of fraud and insufficient oversight may taint polling results.
International observation teams often play the role of independent monitors to bring unfair or coercive practices to light, as well as to validate voting tabulations. Transparent, free and fair elections remain a critical component of any democratic society.

Where contentious elections present fears of vote tampering and other irregularities, the presence of election monitors can prevent fraud, facilitate violence prevention and encourage peaceful reconciliation through a democratic process in post-conflict and transition environments.
The Democracy Council (DC) provides independent monitoring, technical expertise and training in election planning, electoral law development, administration, and voter education to governments, political parties and civil society.

Our staff has participated in election monitoring and training missions in post-conflict countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. We have coordinated electoral missions with multinational organizations, such as the United Nations and Organization of American States.