Independent Journalism

A broad, vigorous and independent media plays an indispensable role in creating and sustaining viable democratic societies around the world. Press freedom, an atmosphere in which the open exchange of ideas is valued, creates an informed citizenry that can hold leaders accountable.
Whether traditional print and broadcast media or web-based, a free and independent media serves both as a catalyst for reform and a bulwark against government repression. Thus, the flow of objective, timely and accurate news remains critical to any democracy.

The Democracy Council (DC) supports and incubates independent media projects within closed societies. By working in tandem with local journalists and media managers, we provide critical support to press freedom worldwide, thereby enhancing prospects for democratic institution-building.

We have successfully nurtured local media outlets in the Arab World and Latin America. We have provided technical expertise to facilitate the production and availability of independent news in post-conflict situations and in states that are transitioning to become open societies, creating spaces for information and idea sharing where they had not existed before.