LGBT Global Rights Initiative

In 2014 the Democracy Council (DC) launched its new LGBT Global Rights Initiative. The initiative builds capacity and security for LGBT activists in some of the world’s most repressive environments.

While LGBT equality is advancing here at home, we all know that persecution has increased in other countries: in Russia, where pride marchers are attacked and police do nothing; in Iran, where gay and trans people are arrested and tortured; in Uganda, where American religious fundamentalists inspired and authored an “Anti-Homosexuality Law” that, since its passage in January 2014, has led to a tenfold increase in violence against LGBT people.

The LGBT Global Rights Initiative gives grassroots organizations around the world the tools and resources they need to safely and securely fight for LGBT equality. Our activities include training activists in secure communications skills, providing basic capacity-building consulting and resources for fledgling LGBT organizations, and linking LGBT CSOs to other civil society organizations in their home countries.