Syrians Arrest of Leading Democracy Activist Sparks Outcry

Yesterday, a Syrian security patrol arrested Riad Seif, a former Member of Parliament and prominent leader of the Damascus Declaration, an umbrella opposition group supporting democratic reform. With Seif’s detention, Syria now has arrested eleven leaders of the Damascus Declaration Council since the group’s first meeting in December 2007. “This latest crackdown shows that the …
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Berman likely to head House Foreign Affairs Committee

Rep. Howard Berman, the Van Nuys Democrat who voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq and was among the last Democrats to withdraw his support from the war, is expected to be named the next chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The current chairman, Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, has announced that he has …
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Seeing Hope in a Hamas Victory

Tuesday’s meeting between President Bush and Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert capped a week of perverse optimism among the Administration’s Middle East policy experts. Somehow, the Bush team has managed to cast the takeover of Gaza by Hamas as a diplomatic opportunity for the U.S., Israelis and Palestinians. On Monday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced …
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